Become deadlocked suppose one of the philosophers

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Unformatted text preview: e deadlocked. Suppose one of the philosophers doesn’t show up for dinner, leaving N-1 philosophers sharing N chopsticks. Can deadlock occur? Circle the best answer. D eadlock will occur : N EVER … . SOMETIMES … ALW AYS (D) (1 point) An 8-level priority interrupt system is used to allow a single CPU to serve several interrupting devices. Is a 3-bit priority associated with each interrupt request? With the current CPU state? Circle all that apply, or NONE. C ircle all that apply, or NONE : 6.004 Spring 2010 - 1 of 4 - R equests … CPU … NONE Quiz #5 Problem 2 (9 points): Pipelined Beta This problem concerns the 5-stage Beta pipeline described in Lecture (diagram on back of previous page)....
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