q5 (1) Computer Structures

The producer and consumer processes each communicate

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Unformatted text preview: Consumer process. The Producer and Consumer processes each communicate directly only with the Filter process. The following is in Shared Memory (shared among Producer, Filter, and Consumer processes): Semaphore charsA=???, spaceA=???, charsB=???, spaceB=???; char buf[20]; char indata; int in=0, out=0; and the following code runs in the Filter Process: while (1) { char temp; /* loop forever… */ /* local variable */ wait(charsA); temp = buf[out]; out = (out+1)%20; signal(spaceA); temp = translate(temp); wait(spaceB); indata = temp; signal(charsB); /* increment ‘out’ modulo 20 */ /* do the actual translation */ } (A) (1 point) What is the maximum number of characters that can be produced by the Producer process but not yet processed b...
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