q4 (1) Computer Structures

After appropriate software changes are made gill

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Unformatted text preview: bit to each TLB entry and hardware to set it on writes. After appropriate software changes are made, Gill finds a substantial improvement in average OS performance. He measures the average time spent in each of the routines called by TLBMissHandler to determine what has changed. (G) (3 points): Which procedures would you expect to take less time (faster) on the average as a result of this change? More time (slower)? circle one: NonResident is FASTER … UNCHANGED … SLOWER circle one: PageFault is FASTER … UNCHANGED … SLOWER circle one: TLBEnter is FASTER … UNCHANGED … SLOWER 6.004 Spring 2010 - 3 of 4 - Quiz #4 Problem 3. (7 points): Caches -- The Big Picture Consider the universe of caches constructed from one or more static RAM lookup tables organized as shown on the right, i.e. as table allowing access to a single entry (line) at a time, each line having a tag portion as well as 2B data entries. Combining multiple of these devices along with necessary logic, comparators, and replacement s...
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