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Unformatted text preview: omputing framework in Julia. To illustrate the implementation of the framework using Julia, the core part of the Julia code for parallel counting of single items is shown below. A similar method is applied to counting item pairs with more complicated details in the map and reduce functions. #Slt nu tigit pos)eulszdcuk pisiptsrn nonrc( qa­ie hns #(atoerud p,[email protected])frec hn o ls n onsu) n san odon( o ahcukt #rni aall hnfth) eut n efrswrdc(. u nprle.Te ec(srslsadprom ceue) fnto aallie_on(et ucinprle_tmcuttx) lnsslttx,\'fle ie=pi(et'n,as) n=pos) pnrc( uisz=ellnt(ie)n) ntieci(eghlns/p ie_ons{ tmcut=} res{ rf=} #sanpos pw rc frii :p o n1n frtuisz*i1+ is=ntie(­)1 ls=ntiei atuisz* i atlnt(ie) fls>eghlns ls=eghlns atlnt(ie) ed n sbetji(ie[n(is)itls),\" utx=onlnsitfrt:n(at]"n) ps!res sanmpcut utx uh(rf,@pw a_on(sbet)) ed n #fthrsls ec eut wielnt(rf)0 hl eghres> ps!ie_onsfthpp(rf)) uh(tmcut,ec(o!res) ed n #rdc eue cutrdc_on(tmcut) on=euecutie_ons rtr on euncut ed n #"a"fnto. Mp ucin #Tksasrn.RtrsaMpwt h ubro ahie. ae tig eun a ihtenme fec tm fnto a_on(et ucinmpcuttx) iesslttx,'''n,\''''''''''''''''') tm=pi(et[ ,\''t,­,.,,,:,_,",;,!] cut=itACItig n6}) onsDc{SISrn,It4( frie nies o tmi tm cut[tm=e(onsie,)1 onsie]gtcut,tm0+ ed n rtr ons euncut ed n #"eue ucin Rdc"fnto. #Tksacleto fMpi h omtrtre ympcut) ae olcino a ntefra eundb a_on( # R t r s a M p i w i h w r s t a p e r i u t p e i p t a e eun a n hc od ht apa n mlil nus hv terttl de oehr hi oasaddtgte. fnto euecutie_ons ucinrdc_on(tmcut) rdcdcut itACItig n6}) eue_ons=Dc{SISrn,It4( frie_on nie_ons o tmcuti tmcut fr(tmcut nie_on o ie,on)i tmcut rdcdcut[tm e(eue_onsie,)cut eue_onsie]=gtrdcdcut,tm0+on ed n ed n rtr eue_ons eunrdcdcut ed n IV. Performance The method was tested using a sampled dataset with 999,002 transaction records and 41,270 distinct items. The test machine has a 2­core 1.7GHz Intel Core i5 processor and 4GB memory. The naive method requires more than 6 GB memory. Therefore, it is not possible to apply it with the test machine. The memory usage with and without hashing and the running time with differen...
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