Persusive Speech Outline 2

Gender roles oppress people women and sexual

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Unformatted text preview: er roles oppress people. - Women and sexual minorities Research on gay and bisexual men- University of Tennessee- gender role conflict Men- confused about real and ideal self-concepts- does not meet norms of masculinity Gay men- anxiety, depression, and anger- social stigmas- negative self-fulfilling prophecy Heterosexual men- same psychological problems as gay men Gender roles- self-abnegation- not encouraged to be individuals- forced to be objects Signpost: Gender roles are inherently rigid. Not only do they inhibit personal expression and oppress people, but they also marginalize people. III. Gender roles marginalize people. - Everyone- influenced by gender roles - American society and transgender people- view on them? - Transgender people- face discriminatory barriers to full equality - Americans- do not understand what it means to be transgender - American Civil Liberties Union- difficulty in meeting needs and getting respect - Lornett Turnbull- Seattle Times staff reporter- unemployed-suicide-homelessnesspoverty - Anti-gay discrimination- same as transgender discrimination- - Living in a time period- slowly break away from status quo - People all over U.S. – break away from s...
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