Persuasive speech outline

Here is why they influence us so now all of you can

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Unformatted text preview: ourselves. Here is why they influence us: So now all of you can see just how stringent and divisive gender roles can be. We can’t even establish a balance between masculine and feminine behavioral traits without being disparaged. It’s like our culture stripped away our sense of individuality and replaced it with behavioral guidelines that we’re supposed to follow. I know all of you can understand exactly what I’m trying to emphasize here. Proposition: People should not automatically assign people to gender roles. Initial Preview: People should not automatically assign people to gender roles because gender roles inhibit personal expression, they oppress people, and they marginalize people. I. Gender roles inhibit personal expression. Even though they provide social order, they can often place limitations on people. Men and women in America are often pressured to follow gender scripts because they are constantly reinforced and perpetuated by the media, the workforce, relationships, and social interaction...
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