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Men especially have a strict set of gender roles that

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Unformatted text preview: between men and women. Men, especially, have a strict set of gender roles that they must conform to in order to maintain their credibility as men. Any type of behavioral deviation from their role could possibly tarnish their reputation as men. Unfortunately, the social expectations that are placed onto men actually incarcerates men into a world of emotional negligence, where they must repress their emotions in order to fit into what America defines as the “quintessential man”. America expects men to be socially dominant, assertive, and emotionally detached. But what American culture has failed to realize over generations is that men have emotional needs. So why should our culture and society place negative connotations onto something that is natural? Men are not weak or emasculated because they are in tuned with their emotions. So where does this stigma come from? Well from my perspective, the implicit idea in our society has always been that masculinity is more valuable than femininity because it promotes more socially desirable traits, such as...
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