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Persuasive speech outline

Persuasive speech outline - Daniel Washington Traditional...

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Daniel Washington Traditional Gender Roles COMM 1201 Thursday 11/21/13 2:30 pm Persuasive Speech Outline General Purpose: To persuade Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience about the limitations that traditional gender roles impose on people First sentence: Gender is a social construct that influences every aspect of our lives, such as how we shape our identity, how we socialize with people, and what we expect from people. (Oral portion of the introduction) Gender or gender identity is our own private sense of being a man or a woman. The reason why we conform to gender roles comes from the simple fact that gender roles provide simplicity and social order. We can distinguish men from women and vice versa through their appearance and behavioral traits. However, how should we view people who do not conform to gender roles and promote this simplistic idea of how men and women should operate? Should they be perceived as unorthodox or even weird? Well I can tell all of you from my personal experience that I followed unconventional gender roles. I was never interested in sports, I didn’t like trucks or action figures, and I was more in tuned with my emotions than most boys were during my childhood years. I gravitated towards other interests, such as music and art. I also had a strong appreciation for the beauty in things. So the types of people that I socialized with elementary school were mostly girls because they did share my interests. But to many people during this time, a little boy socializing mainly with girls was rather questionable. I came across people who
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labeled me as gay and had this preconceived notion of me as a “nontraditional” kid who is completely detached from his sense of masculinity. Despite these assumptions, I still continued to embrace my personality and identity. I mean, shouldn’t we all embrace our individuality? Why is it wrong to not subscribe to gender stereotypes? Breaking the mold of gender, social barriers is rather transcendent in my opinion. But gender roles still continue to influence the way we carry ourselves. Here is why they influence us: So now all of you can see just how stringent and divisive gender roles can be. We can’t even establish a balance between masculine and feminine behavioral traits without being disparaged. It’s like our culture stripped away our sense of individuality and replaced it with behavioral guidelines that we’re supposed to follow. I know all of you can understand exactly what I’m trying to emphasize here.
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