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This is not surprising news considering the fact that

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Unformatted text preview: oyer & Mahalik, 1995; Hayes & Mahalik, 2000; Sharpe & Heppner, 1991). This is not surprising news considering the fact that male gender roles essentially encourage men to resort to self-abnegating behavior in order to preserve the traditional ideals of masculinity. They are not encouraged to be individuals; rather they are forced to be objects. Signpost: Gender roles are inherently rigid. Not only do they inhibit personal expression and oppress people, but they also marginalize people. III. Gender roles marginalize people. Everyone’s behavior and their self perception are influenced by gender roles. People from every socio economic position and cultural background are all conditioned to follow gender social norms in some way, shape, or form. What really intrigues me the most about American society is its view on transgender people. They are complete outliers from the conventional gender roles that American society emphasizes. So how should we approach transgender people? S...
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