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Well what if a man does not represent these traits

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Unformatted text preview: assertiveness and ambition. Well what if a man does not represent these traits? Does he deserve to be stigmatized as a result? I think not. Men and women who do not conform to gender roles do not deserve to be stigmatized and discriminated against. I and all of you know what types of social and psychological disadvantages that gender roles can lead up to. II. Gender roles oppress people. Women are not only affected by the oppressive nature of gender roles and the male orientated society that we still live in, but even sexual minorities also experience their fair share of oppression as well. According to a research study that the University of Tennessee conducted on gay and bisexual men, “gender role conflict occurs when the internalization of rigid, sexist, and restrictive cultural messages about what it means to be a man results in personal restriction, devaluation, or violation of self and others” ( O’Neil, Helms, Gable, David, & Wrightsman, 1986). In other words, men experience discrepancies between their real and ideal self-concepts when they feel as if they have failed...
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