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INTELLIGENT DESIGN - Caitlin Dobbin Witchcraft/Religion...

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Caitlin Dobbin Witchcraft/Religion Religion Paper 06 December 2007 Intelligent Design Theorists Many people believe that God created the universe in six days, with one day of rest. They are called Creationists. As long as people believed in God, they believed in creationism. The main starting point of Creationism was the growth of the Catholic Church. There is a separate group of people that believe that the world slowly evolved into more complex species, from simpler forms of life at a gradual pace over thousands of years. They are called Evolutionists; they were led by the theories of Charles Darwin. Recently, there has been a group of people who believe that there was one intelligent designer in the universe that created everything. The intelligent designer is not necessarily God, but a higher form of intelligence that no one has been able to pinpoint. Intelligent design is the view that life is so complex that it must be the product of a higher intelligence; some believe that it is the Christian god, while others think that you cannot classify it as something. Intelligent design can also be broken up into four main types. They are non intelligent natural, intelligent natural, intelligent supernatural, and intelligent supernatural perfect design. One of the main leaders of the intelligent design theory is William Dembski. He wrote the book The Design Inference to prove many of his points. The first type of intelligent design is non-intelligent, natural design. An example of this kind of design is natural selection. It is not complex, and has evidence of a
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historical process which has always been taking place. This part of intelligent design states that the environment and the people in it were most likely produced in gradual changes over time. The second type of design is intelligent natural. Examples of this kind of design are humans, and if it could be proven, extraterrestrial intelligence. They are natural because they are complex, however cannot be reduced to a simpler form the outcome of this type of design is not always desirable, there are often flaws in them, such as evil. The third type of design is similar to the second. It is called intelligent, supernatural sloppy. Like intelligent natural design they are irreducibly complex and not
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INTELLIGENT DESIGN - Caitlin Dobbin Witchcraft/Religion...

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