Intermediariespeople who did not fit in these people

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Unformatted text preview: ry o Hirschville §༊ Had his theory of intermediaries—people who did not fit in ú༏ These people would turn to homosexuality, which was normal for them because they did not fit in with the rest of the world Sexual Disorders 2 o Kraft-Ebing §༊ Psychopathia sexualis ú༏ Written a textbook on sexuality ú༏ He said that masturbation was psychologically dangerous because it interrupts normal erotic instincts and leads to homosexuality o Freud §༊ Attributing the cause of sexual problems to conflicts, largely from unresolved childhood issues • 1948-1953 o Kinsey §༊ §༊ • The first piece of descriptive research about sexuality Thousands of interviews Masters and Johnson (1966) o Go beyond descriptions and interviews §༊ They conducted interviews and recorded physical responses of adults as they engaged in sex o Sexual dysfunctions were a lot more common and less complex as previously thought of o They normalized a lot of the sexual difficulties S. Hype (1...
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