O o o o o 6 faulty expectations increased anxiety or

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Unformatted text preview: d the older members of society to instruct younger members o Left to chance §༊ Can lead to failure, self-esteem injuries, or inability to discover pleasure Sexual Disorders o o o o o 6 Faulty expectations Increased anxiety or fear Increased risk of disappointment/frustration Misinformation that can be harmful Guilt can interfere • Fears of performance adequacy, attractiveness, inhibitions, or painful experiences o The internet has severed as a window to how broad spread attractiveness really is §༊ Can view societies that share same attractive interests • Interpersonal / Emotional Problems o Closeness o Ambivalence §༊ A mutually powerful attraction or aversion o Hostility / Antagonism §༊ Repeated hostility o Depression o Feelings of rejection, use, or insensitivity §༊ One-sided relationships o Resentment o Insecurity o Technical Incompetence §༊ The person does not know what to do with sex §༊ Easiest one to fix • Changing Roles and Relationships o Increased female demands and expectations, assertiveness, decreased passivity o Threatened “dominant masculinity” o Increased feelings of male performance pressure o Increased feeling of female need to be assertive leading to uncomfortable selfimposed demands for perfection o “Spectator role” of monitoring own performance depriving actions of spontaneity and naturalness • Concerns of disease such as AIDS or Herpes Sexual Disorders 7 Theories • • • • • • • Dysfunction Psychodynamic Behavioral / Learning Cognitive Neurobiological Family systems theory Biological Disorders Psychodynamic Behavioral Cognitive Neurobiological...
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