Abnormal behavior in child and adolescent disorders o

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Unformatted text preview: sh between normal vs. abnormal behavior in child and adolescent disorders o The reason why is because you have some behaviors that are disruptive that are normal in a child but not in an adult o Hard to tell when something crosses a line for normal to abnormal Behavioral difficulties of children often show a situational specificity o The problems often shows up in one situation (school, church, home) and does not appear across all situations o Here, maybe it is the environment that is the problem and not the child 1 Childhood Disorders • Sociocultural Factor o In children there is more sociocultural expectation in control of their life o As the child gets older, the standard get liberalized, which is why is not ads much as a factor in adults o The younger the child, have to look for any type of sociocultural expectation that is placed on him or her • 2 Research o A lot of times is based on children that are forced into the treatment center o Often do not have the emotional-problem related kids in these studies o Ratings §༊ Parents and teachers respond to the same behaviors in very different o o o o ways because they see things differently Small sample sizes Terminology has changed over time, systematic changes as well Most studies are cross sectional and not longitudinal We would like direct rather that indirect evaluations (see it rather than the word of someone else) and some type of multi-dimensional assessment §༊ Direct measurement often puts you in a much better position to treat §༊ Prefers to have multidimensional analysis to see if problem is seen across the board Incidence and Prevalence o Incidences generally vary o The rarer the disorder, the more the specific incidences and low range o The more common the disorders the higher the range of incidences o Disorders are more common among boys than girl...
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