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Childhood Disorders Pt. 2 - Childhood Disorders 1 Disorders...

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Childhood Disorders 1 1 Disorders of Emotional Distress Anxiety Depression o Often see a little more agitation not just sad and withdrawn Specific Phobia Generalized Anxiety Disorder Separation Anxiety Selective Mutism Social Anxiety Panic Disorder o Not as common, but will be seen in older kids—early adolescence Reactive Attachment Disorder o Similar to separation anxiety except separation anxiety commonly shows up when do not want to leave their parent when going to school o Go through some event and then become clingy Disinhibited Social Engagement Disorder o In this one, their attachment is toward anybody and everybody Posttraumatic Stress Disorder o Research is showing younger and younger ages Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Habit Disorders o The behavior is clearly abnormal even though not bothering others o Anorexia Nervosa § Distorted perception of someone believing they are fat that leads to restriction of eating because of fear of gaining weight o Bulimia Nervosa § All of a sudden the patient will gorge and then afraid of gaining weight then they purge o Binge-Eating Disorder § The patient will binge but will not try to get rid of the weight through purging or other forms o Enuresis § Bed wetting o Encopresis § Soiling, defecation
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Childhood Disorders 2 2 o Insomnia o
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