Childhood Disorders Pt. 2

Disadvantagepoor hygiene living arrangements etc

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Unformatted text preview: e low end of the normal gene pool §༊ Typically there is no organic cause found §༊ Often see social disadvantage—poor hygiene, living arrangements, etc. §༊ Often workable—have the potential to get smarter o There is also the organic retardation in which an injury or damage early on in life caused them to be in the lower distribution of the curve o Skeels §༊ Assigned to an orphanage; and he picked up on the difference between organic and familial dichotomy §༊ Saw that the familial group just were at a lower academic stimulation but had the raw potential to advance ú༏ After time with proper stimulation, saw around 20 point increase in IQ • Intellectual Disability (Intellectual Developmental Disorder) o Low levels of intellectual functioning in conjunction with impaired...
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