Childhood Disorders Pt. 2

Instead of iq number o confirmed by clinical

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Unformatted text preview: adaptive functioning o Focuses on degree to which adaptive functioning is impaired like reasoning, problem solving, judgment, etc. instead of IQ number o Confirmed by clinical assessment and standardized testing for the deficits 2 Childhood Disorders 3 o Wechsler Adult Intelligent Scale §༊ Summarize glob adaptive capacity of the individual §༊ Measures a person’s ability to deal with the world and solve everyday problems—cemented by the IQ number o Mild, moderate, Severe: verbal labels used as conceptual domains that are impaired • Global Developmental Disorder o The diagnosis is reserved for individuals under the age of 5 o So low functioning that you cannot use test to get the most reliable measurements o Individuals who cannot meet developmental milestones o Severest and the youngest • Language Disorder o Basically, the difficulties of acquiring and peaking any type f language o Often based on vocabulary and word knowledge or use; often cannot put the words together • Spe...
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