Childhood Disorders Pt. 2

Patient will gorge and then afraid of gaining weight

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Unformatted text preview: o Bulimia Nervosa §༊ All of a sudden the patient will gorge and then afraid of gaining weight then they purge o Binge-Eating Disorder §༊ The patient will binge but will not try to get rid of the weight through purging or other forms o Enuresis §༊ Bed wetting o Encopresis §༊ Soiling, defecation 1 Childhood Disorders 2 o Insomnia o Nightmares §༊ Often remembered by the child §༊ Night-terror (Sleep-terror): the child usually does not remember the dream o Non-Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Arousal Disorders o Sleep Walking Learning and Communication Disorders • Retardation—term o Tendency to base retardation solely on intellectual level o Being street wise compensates for not having formal IQ o Had to redefine on the combination of IQ and adaptive functioning (“street wise”) §༊ Arbitrarily, 70 was the cutoff range; 50-70 IQ range o The group of the smaller bell curve are there because they did not inherit much intellect—cultural/familial retardation §༊ In other words, th...
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