O some people are more scared of dying in a plane

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Unformatted text preview: ple. • Example: funny Pakistani guy and assuming all Pakistani people are funny. §༊ Underuse of Baserate Information • §༊ Baserate Info = statistical info. Overuse of Heuristics (e.g. expensive = good) • Rely on a rule of thumb in terms of decision- making. • Availability Heuristic o Making a decision is sometimes based on how easily/readily an idea comes to mind. o Some people are more scared of dying in a plane crash rather than a car crash since plane crashes are more covered on the news/TV. • Representativeness Heuristic o People base their decision on how much a description of something represents the schema of that object. o Sometimes causes people to ignore Baserate information. §༊ There is a lot of evidence that sometimes humans are irrational, especially in times of...
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