Also have the ability to use social comparison in

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Unformatted text preview: make an internal attribution. o Dog lover seeing a dog getting beaten causes the dog lover to make strong passionate internal attributions to the dog owner while the dog lover’s friend doesn’t really react too much. o Correspondent Inference Example: §༊ Miss Teen USA Contest • Down to 3 contestants from Texas, Maine, and California. o All were attractive, intelligent, and sang. o Drigotas was rooting for Maine to win because she was from Maine therefore a non- common effect. o Also, if Drigotas rooted for Maine because she was the only one who played the oboe, she would embody a non- common effect. o Kelley’s Cube: 3 dimensions §༊ We often times have more information about someone to use so that we can either make an internal or external attribution. • Also have the ability to use social c...
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