Social Psych 5

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Unformatted text preview: t on the behavior). It’s better to try and really measure behavior—that helps make it more externally valid, and not the product about the whims of how someone responds. If you’re measuring behavior, it’s your behavior. When you have people self-report, it’s not the same things as actually getting their behavior. • Social Cognition: the Study of Schemas o Organized knowledge structures that influence perception, organization, memory & behavior o “the notes were sour because the seam was split” §༊ Talks about bagpipes. • Schemas: Structure Characteristics o Dynamic §༊ Very open to change/ always changing. §༊ Once established, resistant to change. o Yet Stable o Central Nodes §༊ Some nodes in a schema are more meaningful and more important to us than the other nodes. §༊ Ph...
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