Italian Baroque

carracci was one of three important members in the

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Unformatted text preview: so resubmitted it as Feast in the House of Levi o they didn’t like the messiness, nudity, but also doctrinal errors, has to be accurate according to the Bible - Agnolo Bronzino, Martyrdom of St. Lawrence, 1550, fresco, S. Lorenzo o a typical Mannerism- type painting (Mannerism 1510- 20) o in High Renaissance, they looked at nature, but in Mannerism there are a lot of human forms, nudity, cluttered (like Michaelangelo) o can’t be used as a propagandistic tool, they wanted it to be more accurate and easy to read - Annibale Carracci, Self Portrait, 1590 o reform of Mannerism o when he died, his body was placed by his mentor Raphael o was credited with revitalizing art (after death of Raphael, beginning of Mannerism), had an interest in nature, had to incorporate something nature into his work, wanted to be more direct in his paintings, would go out and sketch from nature o less figures, less cluttered, more background landscape, more grace, versus the exaggerated art forms o in his crucifixion of Christ was born and raised in Bologna, drew that on the bottom o also did number of genre paintings Carracci, Butcher’s Shop, 1580s • more somber colors • was a huge painting, drawn huge o had a wealthy commissioner (Guild of Butchers) genre paintings: everyday life, naturalism includes homages...
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