Italian Baroque

Jerome 1590 o was originally a tailor influenced by

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Unformatted text preview: to Raphael (sacrifice of Noah) o there was a tradition of butcher’s shop works Passarotti, Butcher’s Shop • kind of making fun of process, Carracci was more direct, paying attention to real life Aertsen, Butcher’s Stall, 1551 o other genre paintings: Bean Eater, 1580s beans ~ low status o motto: long live flesh (?) - Carracci was one of three important members in the family, cousin and bro o together instigated reform of painting, traveled to Parma, Florence, and Venice • • • • o opened an academy of art, talked about theory and drew together, advocated return to nature; academy instead of workshop o but Caravaggio, not only interested in nature, but drew in streets • • 9/6 • - Annibale, Ludovico, and Agostino Carracci, The History of Rome, c. 1590, Palazzo Magnami, Bologna o Carracci brothers and cousin collaborated together on some works o one work showed Romulus and Remus, who founded Rome according to a myth o they excelled at landscape (esp. Annibale), was beginning of extensive focus on landscape o project was “by the Carracci, we did it together” – idea of collaboration within academy thought that Ludovico did Romulus and Remus • - Ludovico Carracci, The Conversion of St. Paul, 1587 o spent most of his life in Bologna o Annibale and Agostino go to Rome o was very interested in nature, like rest of his family, trained with a mannerist artist, but his style became...
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