Italian Baroque

Lawrence 1550 fresco s lorenzo o a typical mannerism

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Unformatted text preview: art o some writers of art emphasized power and usefulness of art, though others wanted to get rid of it in Church o art is instructional, can “move you” back to the Church portraits of Saints, paintings of spiritual matters, other pictures important for the uneducated o had to get rid of outrageous nakedness, ridiculous stuff - the Last Judgment, altar wall, Sistine Chapel, Vatican, Rome 1540s o people were outraged of it on the altar wall, said too much nudity o when Michaelangelo died, they wanted to completely paint over it, but his student “Mr. Britches” put drapes and stuff on to cover up body parts o was a contract that had portraits of saints draw up to be very decent o prints were very important, helped make compositions well- known Rembrandt didn’t have to come to Rome intaglio (engraving) is what most paintings were, woodblock was opposite - Veronese, The Feast in the House of Levi, 1573 o originally commissioned to be the Last Supper, was a large painting o but got in trouble because he added too many people, were people doing weird stuff like picking teeth,...
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