Italian Baroque

Maria dei popolo o before his death he was

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Unformatted text preview: nibale and Agostino went to Rome to work for a cardinal at his palace, Palazzo Farnese o Camerino Farnese, Odoardo Farnese (quadro riportato) o was a huge palace, linked to Pope Paul III o what they did was quadro riportato, “transported paintings,” where they stuck paintings on ceiling • - main room of Palazzo Farnese was the gallery, others helped with the side of the room, but Annibale single- handedly did the entire ceiling o theme for ceiling was “power of love” with scenes from classical mythology, again quadro riportato o had medallions, nude figures, sculptures painted to look like real sculptures, made illusions to play with light of room common to play with light in churches, sophisticated technique o distinction between real figures and nude sculptures, real figures were more earthy; huge use of illusions o adapted from the Sistine Chapel ceiling, but difference in theme (Sistine’s theme was Genesis) o Triumph of Bacchus, one of main paintings on ceiling exuberant scene and forms Ariadne dumped by Theseus, saved by Bacchus o The Cyclops Polyphemus another painting on ceiling Polyphemus jealous of Galitea’s love interest, kills him o the two above paintings were kind of negative, love stories weren’t always positive o almost put more work and attention to the sculptures and s...
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