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Claim to fame people loved it annibale carracci christ

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Unformatted text preview: less nature and more other- worldly than his family o (the other two Carracci’s might have learned from Ludovico) o his style was a little dramatic and otherworldly, more so than Annibale’s works o Ludovico sometimes cited as beginning the conversion of Mannerism to nature, but much debate (some say Annibale) • - Ludovico Carracci, Bargellini Madonna, 1588 o exuberant colors inspired from Venetian artists he studied o “sacre conversazione” – where saints don’t really match up, just surround Virgin Mary o put large figures, not as symmetric, not as focused on architecture • - Agostino Carracci, Last Communion of St. Jerome, 1590 o was originally a tailor, influenced by Ludovico to do art o St. Jerome was on deathbed, wanted last communion, but wanted to show humility and getting up to kneel and receive communion, but usually drawn as being in his study o this subject hadn’t been done before, hard because no inspiration o unusual subject but fit in with the areas of focus at the time because the church was trying to promote the Eucharist • - Palazzo Farnese, Rome, 1517- 1550 o An...
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