because he could see rubens print 102313 rubens

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Unformatted text preview: owed her fainting, but in his, showed her standing because that’s what was said in Bible (Counter- Reformation) • - triptychs actually have 5 panels – most days look at it closed, 2 paintings together, but when opened on special days, see inside 3 panels o St. Helena with the True Cross, 1601- 2 (?) • - Descent from the Cross, 1612- 4 (Antwerp Cathedral) o commissioned by Musketeers Guild to make this, a military group o was a triptych, more traditional because 3 different scenes in panels o uses spotlight on Christ again o panels around show Visitation and Presentation in the Temple patron saint of patrons was St. Christopher, who carried Chris across river o outside panels are St. Christopher (left) and Hermit (right) on outside because no proof of St. Christopher existing, still accepted as a local saint, but officially but Church • - two triptychs important for his career so that public could see it o public art vs. private art important o had commissions for churches, 60 altarpieces, some private, tapestries, open market, text, etc. possible because of his workshop • - buys house in 1610, Rubenshuis o Renaissance style, very grandiose o had a gallery for art, sculpture room, o had a studio for art – 2 levels, to oversee apprentices, was super popular and had to turn away people pupils, assistants, collaborators • pupils did the most labor • assistants could carry out more advanced work o introduces “modello” – color sketch so students could follow his design, including color and also so he could show patron what design would look like • - Daniel in the Lion’s Den, 1615 o muscular, idealized, Michelangelo- esque figure o warm color palette, some shadows (Carav.), diagonal (Carav.) o lion figures are based on real lions (Albert and Isabella had zoo) o 2 things he noted: painting was entirely by his hand, and the lions were drawn from real ones • - Prometheus Bound, 1612 (collaboration: Rubens and Frans Snyders) o collaborated with a number of spets o figure of Prometheus by Rubens, eagle by Snyders Snyders specialized in animals • - there would be reproductive prints after his design, to get his compositions out there o Rubens hired a guy, Lucas Vorsterman, who specialized in engraving and making reproductive prints o engraving was suitable for paintings (can control depth) • - Rembrandt: had knowledge of what’s going on in Italy, even though he never left Dutch Republic (?), because he could see Rubens’ print • • • 10/23/13 • Rubens and Medici • - Rubens’s powerful patron • - Marie de Medici cycle...
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