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Unformatted text preview: instability o John Constable, 19th century landscape artist was interested in very accurate landscapes, probably influenced by Rubens and Dutch painters - Garden of Love, 1632- 4 o having a garden in your chateau was very important show of power o shows lot of women in freshest fashion, men have swords, are in couples - Rubens died in 1640 because of gout, buried in Antwerp Anthony van Dyck Anthony van Dyck, Self Portrait, 1621 o second greatest master of Flemish Baroque o self- aware, good at a young age, like Bernini - born in Antwerp, came from family of artists - Rubens back in Antwerp in 1608, had huge influence on van Dyck o Rubens recognized van Dyck as a promising assistant in workshop - Martyrdom of St. Sebastian, 1619- 20 - difference between Rubens and van Dyck o van Dyck’s figures not as idealized or three- dimensional o Rubens’s sources for human figure – Caravaggio, Michelangelo, classical statues van Dyck never got influenced by classical statues - Emperor Theodosius forbidden by St. Ambrose to Enter Milan Cathedral o van Dyck could paint in his own style and also duplicate Rubens’s style - Samson and Delilah o Rubens vs. van Dyck. van Dyck’s is flatter, different colors; in Rubens, figures are very idealized and three- dimensional - Continence of Scipio, 1620- 1 o 1620, goes to London o different style – colors very bright and vibrant, lots of light, exuberant brushstrokes because he sees more Titian and Venetian paintings - Marchesa Elena Grimaldi di Cattano, 1623 o his real claim to fame is his ability to make portraits can show power, splendor, and authority 10/25/13 Anthony van Dyck - from Antwerp, Rubens’s good assistant, then goes to Italy - studies art in Rome, but not too interested in Caravaggio - goes to Venice, loves Venetian work and Titian, did mythological scenes - Amaryllis and Mirtillo, 1631- 2 o Amaryllis organizes a kissing contest, Mirtillo dressed up like a nymph (girl), won contest, and they get married o based on a Titian painting, Bacchanal of the Andrians, 1518 o same colors and styles of figures • • • • • • • • - Marchesa Elena Grimaldi di Cattano, 1623 o done in Genoa o example of his great portrait style o inspired by Portrait of the Marchesa Brigida.., 1606, by Rubens o elevates aristocracy of lady in painting by drawing a servant behind her, color of gown, position of servant makes him look smaller, lines of the painting make her look big and elegant, columns and the ascending steps add to her height, shows gardens in the back setting, a...
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