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Pretty unusual when look at rubenss self portrait

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Unformatted text preview: tually helping to raise the cross Why the obsession with self- portraits? o Comparing early and late portraits… Early… he is adopting the clothing and the position of a Renaissance courtier (refer to Titian’s Portrait of a Man and Raphael’s ) Late…paint stroke is dense/crusty, dirty, wearing stained smock and turban of painter, carrying painter’s tools, introspective character. Pretty unusual when look at Rubens’s Self- Portrait where it was all about the gentlemen and his statues - not working medial tasks Private works of self- expression and exploring his identity. 1640 represents the height of fame. Has many commissions, has own collection of antiquities, wealthy and well- regarded. Later, he is bankrupt, career is declining, isolated, alone, defiant in his art production . He gave away and sold a lot of self- portraits. Self- promotion? None in his inventory when he was bankrupt. Perhaps, served as celebratory item. Theorist talks about the exercise of self- expression. Practicing emotions in mirror. Fixing reflections in art. Spreading fame of self- expressions by creating self- portraits. From the town of Leyden in Holland. o Started study...
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