Tobit and anna with the kid goat 1626 o accuses anna

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Unformatted text preview: ing with Pieter Lastaman in Amsterdam. Lastaman interested in Italian style with a hint of mannerism. He is called a pre- Rembrandtist. Chiaroscuro, big crowd reacting to a scene, inclusion of still life elements. o Rembrandt returns to Leyden and first painting Stoning of St. Steven, 1625 Patron was Protestant. Analogous with the early reformers of the Calvinist Church. o Sets up shop with van Weyden. Painted different interpretations of the same subject and seemed to share a studio (legally not allowed). Constanjn Huygens was a diplomat and courtier and admired both artists, especially depth of expression of Rembrandt. Wanted them to go to Italy, but they refused. o Gains first pupil, Gernt Dou. Tobit and Anna with the Kid Goat, 1626 o Accuses Anna of stealing goat o Every object is meticulously painted. Portrait of Nicolaes Ruts, 1631 o Starts creating portraits (Mennonite patrons) versus religious scenes o Fine brushstroke creates meticulous detail and sense of immediacy. Dramatic silhouette against the background o Did a ton of commissions (50 guilders for a half length and 500 for a full length) Portrait of the Preacher Anslo and his Wife, 1641 o Ability to bring scene to life..becoming more of a narrative The Ship bui...
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