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Unformatted text preview: C. 1633 o Distilling the emotions, not muscular, riving forms 11/22/13 Rembrandt - Nightwatch, The Civic Guard Company of Frans Banning Cocq, 1642 o considered beginning to ending of his career o ridiculed for this, not full figures, etc. • - shift from lively stuff to more introspective • - Supper at Emmaus, 1628 and 1648 o earlier painting darker and lots of shadows o less outwardly emotional, more inwardly emotional • - losing market value because elegant paintings became more popular, he was getting more introspective • • 11/22 (allyson) • Rembrandt, Raising of the Cross. C. 1633 o Produced a great number of portraits in his early career. Starts to do history paintings. Weird for Calvinist to have large images of the Passion…manipulating the market. • John the Baptist Preaching o History paintings feature down to earth characters – aging, coarse ordinary figure. Can be related to market. Preachers liked plain fishermen. Focus on the ordinary might relate to Calvinist background. Attempt to render biblical stories more successful. o Woman quieting her crying child, man reprimanding son. Woman hold kid up as defecating in stream. Dogs fighting. People craning necks, in m...
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