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Unformatted text preview: want. Creates themes more appealing. o Brothers of Jacob a common theme for the inhabitants in America • • • • • • • 2nd version of Immaculate Conception o Tried to adjust to his new tender style o Has sweetness that really does not work. Someone else could convey gentle, sweet, and moving works (Murilio) Murilio • The Young Beggar, c. 1645 o Boy picking lice o Caravaggio element 10/4/13 Zuberan and Murillo - shift from hardcore religious punches to softer scenes of religion o ex: Zurbaran, tried but wasn’t super successful • - whole market was dominated by Murillo o good at sweet, soft colors o ton of workshops and pupils, in and outside of Spain o only person who’s work went through Europe, Ribera kind of well known also • - The Young Beggar, 1645 vs. The Holy Family, 1665- 70, Murillo o older painting kind of harsh, more recent is soft • - Two Women at a Window, 1655- 60 o influenced by Flemish artwork o seems like a straightforward scene, but might have different meaning for Dutch/Flemish earliest title: The Galatean Women, a poor province with prostitutes, might be beckoning customer was a...
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