And michelangelo o velazquez goes to italy rome and

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Unformatted text preview: es of materials and sizes of water glasses/pots composition interesting, gritty texture o symbolic meaning? Pacheco writes about it, never mentions any symbolic interpretation, treats them as paintings that show “the genuine interpretation of nature” • way of illustrating skill o Christ in the House of Mary and Martha seems to be a bodegone, but there is a religious scene in the background makes distinction between two, incredible use of space could be a mirror, an opening to another room, or a painting • would be weird if it was a mirror because space is different, lighter in inside scene, looser brushstrokes inside, different clothing compared to old Flemish scene of same painting, lots of food and stuff, and use of same vignette, but not natural enough very cluttered who are two main people, Mary or Martha? - 1622, went to Madrid to seek patronage from king, created: Portrait of a • Poet • • • o called back a year later and got attention of Count Duke of Olivares o got entrance to court o made portrait of Philip IV and please king, was major patron with this, abandoned bodegones, only did painti...
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