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Creates themes more appealing o brothers of jacob a

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Unformatted text preview: nding, 1640 o Known for his monastic paintings. Called the “minimalist monk master” o St. Francis was a popular figure o Based on legend that pope goes to his shallow tomb and sees Saint Francis perfectly intact with blood flowing out of his wombs o Statue based on this image (Pedro de Mena) Saint Lucy, 1625/30 o Plate she is holding contains two eyes o Focusing on details o According to legend, plucked them out because man was attracted to her eyes o Eventually betrayed as Christian to pagan authorities and ordered to brothel, set on fire (didn’t work), and stabbed Immaculate Conception, 1630 o Found by a very heated controversy. Debate raging since middle ages. Not a biblical concept, based on tradition. Question whether Mary had been conceived free of sin to give birth to Christ free of sin. People wanted to make it Church dogma. Monarchs in Spain encouraged papacy to rule in favor. Big demonstrations in streets if acceptance to controversy. o Follows rigid, standardized formula. o Virgin should be beautiful 12 y/o...
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