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Had to pass examinations to get through systems

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Unformatted text preview: ome. Rented house outside of Naples in 1652, but died shortly after. Plague in 1656 killed huge amounts of population o The faith of the shepherds was a popular subject. Had profound faith. o Shows the classical elements entering his previously very strong Caravaggio style o Use gestures to dictate narrative (like Carracci opposed to dramatic gestures of Caravaggio) Spain - Ribera’s (as well as Mario’s) works very influential on Spanish works. - Tough market to a certain degree - Two main centers: o Seville, Spain Economic center. Monopoly in trade with recently discovered Indies. Court incredibly wealthy. Church dominated art and life • Religious orders flocking to the city (16 monastaries, 21 convents) • Art very conservative. Meant to convince those to remain Catholic and live up to values. Aimed to instill piety. Clarity...
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