Monarchs in spain encouraged papacy to rule in favor

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Unformatted text preview: e him for not being able to travel to Rome and visit tomb o In a Caravaggio manner but not. Light is not quite as dramatic Few background elements. Visionary background. Distilled action. Get a sense of blood rushing to head (bulging veins) that don’t get in Caravaggio o Year before, someone commissioned to create prints to establish iconography • St. Serapion, 1628 o One of members of order for his works o Acting as hostages o Three versions of martyrdom Martyred in Algiers wound on a wench Beaten to death Captured in Scotland by English pirates, tied to posts, dismembered, and disemboweled. (one represented) o Don’t see gruesome quality but still intensity provided by light and dark contrasts. Distilled to the figure himself Saint Francis Sta...
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