Peter nolasco vision of the crucified peter 1626

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Unformatted text preview: , immediacy essential Religious orders wanted specific iconography • Very closed market. Had to pass examinations to get through systems. Prints provide with iconography. Had to provide fresh perspective with conservative vocabulary • Nudity + mythological subjects not acceptable • The refectory, cells decorated with images. • Painted sculpture…tradition going back to middle ages in Italy. Almost caught in time warp. Not interested in classical antiquity. Notion of purity and the ideal figure had less relevance. Wanted empathetic view (real hair, eyelashes, blood, glittering eyeballs, etc.) • Zurbaran - Epitomizes religious beliefs and aspirations of clientele • Crucifixion, 1627 o Painting and sculpture very similar in terms of representation o Compare to Carracci? Stark, dark b...
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