Rape of europa o lot of questions what are noble

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Unformatted text preview: amatic/dynamic - career slows down in the court 10/9/13 - mideterm: office hours 2:30- 3:30, Walsh 401 - works, majors patrons, innovations, commissions - using images from ppt, ask broader questions about recurring themes o ex: Counter Reformation, market, patronage - Naples, Malta, Madrid, Seville o Velazquez several places, Murillo in Seville, Ribera in Naples, etc. Velazquez - great hall of Philip IV’s palace had ton of paintings - Velazquez vs. Peter Paul Rubens o depiction of Philip IV different: no allegorical meaning in Velazquez’s, horse is in motion, pose of horse, not looking at the viewer, background in Rubens’ has lower horizon and exaggerates...
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