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Spanish inventory but king had collection of nudes by

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Unformatted text preview: zed and muscular maybe getting it from statues? And Michelangelo o Velazquez goes to Italy (Rome) and studies work, style changes after, figures idealized - part of Netherlands was governed by Peter Paul Rubens’ bosses o Rubens brought ton of paintings to show court, convinced Velazquez to go to Italy and study work o effect and influence of his later paintings clearly came from Bolognese artists - one project was to decorate pleasure palace outside of Madrid: Buen Retiro o big room was Hall of Realms o Zurberan got a lot of them, and Velazquez got portraits and military scenes o Surrender at Breda, 1634 subject was when there was a fight over regions of Flanders and Netherlands, was long battle and Dutch lost, but Spanish general decided to let them go, shows Dutch giving the Spanish the keys to Breda typical surrender scenes: sense of power but in his painting, not as obvious victory • but still: Spanish side more organized, lancelets all organized, victor clearly shown, loser lowered a bit • wanted to show Spanish were merciful stylistically: lost Caravaggio- esque elements, color brighter, less darkness, not as dr...
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