Titian o no huge market for spanish art interesting

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Unformatted text preview: girl with fine and serious eyes o 12 stars with moon under feet Holy House of Nazareth, 1632 o Different from what we have seen…. Setting with carefully described still- life elements Not intense religious scene. o ??(name???- Jaberco???) did not like this kind of subject. He hated St. Ann teaching the Virgin how to read. No validity to the subjects. Has to be real scenes. Embraced the vulgar (those who cannot read) o Became popular in tender representation Still Life with Lemon o Almost spiritual in representation Brothers of Jacob o Stops doing ecclesiastical commissions and starts doing independent paintings. o Starts doing paintings that will be sent to Americas o Images based on speculation. Not a specific commission. Not as well produced. Had to cater to what the wide audience would...
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