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Velazquez great hall of philip ivs palace had ton of

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Unformatted text preview: ngs of king and royal family got exposure to royal art collection o stylistically and thematically, work changed did very little religious work compared to others o Philip IV in Black, 1626- 8 showed king in simpler clothes, looks subdued nothing that really showed this was the king of Spain, but was wearing order of golden fleece, and hat was associated with Philip III, but generally subdued • has administrative papers in one hand, and sword in other • overall, still able to show kingly duties through subdued portrait - the king loved Velazquez o married to Queen Elizabeth from France (Isabelle in Spain) o painting of her looked subdued, was atmosphere of his rule o supposedly Philip IV only smiled 3 times in public, walked around like a statue o loved horses, bull- fighting and many mistresses, but felt guilt so constantly wrote to nun o no one can touch her but him o demise of Philip III – enjoying a fire but was too hot so got fever and died firetender not around, only he could touch fire, so people around couldn’t help – shows court etiquette - he was appointed as some other position, and production...
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