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Unformatted text preview: slowed bc busy - Los Borrachos, the Drinkers, 1628- 9 o did this one for king, sometimes did mythological scenes o shows Bacchus, god of wine, and offering people wine o seems unusual representation Caravaggio and Carracci both did Bacchus other ones were very joyful, everyone is godly looking o in his, only Bacchus looks like a god, other people are real people, less obviously joyful, demystifying a mythological subject o some other painters accused him of only being able to paint heads o also known as Bacchus and Some Drinkers • • • • • • • • • • • • • • o story was Bacchus was giving wine to peasants to ease their pain, so would make sense in this context, might not have anything to do with mystifying mythology - drew of bunch of Dutch artists called “birds of a feather” who got together - Forge of Vulcan, 1630; Bloody Coat of Joseph, 1630 o same number of figures, meant to be hung together (big paintings) o figures are laid out and full length, they are interacting with themselves and not viewer, gestures of figures are carefully laid out contributes to narrative o figures are more ideali...
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