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Unformatted text preview: ravaggio’s style? o Similarities? Forsaken of earthly vanities, represents age, realistic, rich deep colors instead of Reni’s wider range of colors. Light is illuminating up. Figure is cut to ¾ length, pushing figure against picture plane. o Differences? Heavier, rougher, grainier • By 1613, he is in Rome. Belongs to Academy of St. Luke. Lived with other fledgling Spanish painters trying to make it big in Rome. Cut whole in ceiling to get light effect of Caravaggio. Followed Caravaggio’s followers. • Ribera, Sense of Touch, 1615 o Dark background, little description, ¾ figures, illumination o Typical of Roman period As moves south, less contrast, fewer figures, reduced tenebrism o Figure dressed in artisan’s robe. Feeling the sculpture with his hands. Making statement about authority of painting over s...
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