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Unformatted text preview: ackground, no other figures, emphasizes one figure, asymmetrical leaning of head shows weight o His interpretation of Caravaggio’s style Yet, not one moment in time, no dramatic flaying (one distilled image), no diagonals, idealized o Transforms Pacheco’s version and makes it more natural Not as stiff, symmetrical Takes standard formula and transforms it into spiritual work • St. Peter Nolasco Vision of the Crucified Peter. 1626 Monastery of the Order of Mercy (Mercedarios Calzados) o Did 22 scenes of St. Peter o Moors forced to convert to Christianity or forced t exile (1427?) o Purpose of new order was to bring back captures. Often died gruesome deaths. Became charitable order. o His vision of the crucified St. Peter. He appears to Peter Nolasco to consol...
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