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Unformatted text preview: tradition of Dutch paintings of prostitutes • • Madrid • - Seville and Madrid were huge sources of art patrons in Spain • - Madrid was home of the kings, courts • - 15th and 16th century they loved Flemish art, also loved Italian art (esp. Titian) o no huge market for Spanish art, interesting because was height of political power for Spanish • - Charles V, Philip II, Philip III, Philip IV o Charles V: no real court, moved around o Philip II: permanent court in Madrid, in mid 1600s o Philip IV: main court figure for 17th C Spanish painting • - Zurberan, at height of popularity, was called to court by Philip IV (in mid 1600s?) o Philip IV had a summer home with a huge hall to be filled with battle paintings (Hall of Realms), and wanted scenes of Hercules above window o Zurberan given job to fill these paintings • • • • • • • • o court painter for Philip IV was super important job o but Zurberan didn’t stay at court and become court painter, just did one painting: Zuberan and Nemean Lion - Diego Velazquez was his greatest patron and took his spot Diego Velazquez - greatest Spanish pain...
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