Dutch Baroque

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Unformatted text preview: - van Ostade, Rest by a Cottage, 1648; Halt at the Inn, 1640s o popular scene is an interaction between peasant and someone higher up, mingling of classes, peasant in a doorway talking to man - kortegardje scenes – soldiers at leisure scene - Willem Duyster, Two Men Playing Tric Trac, 1630s; Jacob Duck, Tickled Sleep, o typical kortegardje - wanted to show off soldier’s life, their uniform, gambling, hanging out with loose women - Judith Leyster, The Proposition (Man Offering Money to a Young Woman), o internal light source, subject seen before with Procuress o doesn’t seem like prostitution, she is wearing conventional clothes, she’s sewing, she’s ignoring him • - Gabriel Metsu, Hunter’s Gift, 1658- 60 o what does bird mean’? other symbols, ambiguous o courtship and ambiguity becomes popular • • Vermeer • - sets up interesting situations, master at this, up to viewer to determine ending and meaning • - psychological, sophisiticated tension • - light from upper left, domestic scenes, carefully calculated light and shapes • - Woman with a Balance o vanishing point is exact point of her hand, there’s also a perfect pyramid between her hand and the table, gold frame on right complements gold drapery on left, light hits everything perfectly o behind her, painting is Last Judgment, her head is right where Michael would be o the painting in back is exactly ¼ of the composition o mirror in front of her, jewelry and stuff on table – typical vanity items, but there’s nothing in the scales, so suggesting rejecting vanity in light of salvation? Maybe more about leading a balanced life, mirror means self- knowledge • - Music Lesson, 1662- 5 • - didn’t start o...
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