Dutch Baroque

George civic guard 1583 o cornesisz painted in

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Unformatted text preview: one is viewing works the same way they never talked about symbolism, just how individually viewed o need to understand painting in context of broad audience, backgrounds they may have will lead to different interpretations - Willem Buytewech, moves the outside Merry Company indoors o leads to famous scene of genre paintings – people partying indoors - Emblem from Roemer Visscher, Sinnepoppen, 1614 o emblem – book of pictures, included description of picture, and longer description of moral about picture - Dirck Hals o creates innovate types of scenes: letter writing o Woman Writing Letter, and Women Tearing Up a Letter (1631) can also look at paintings within paintings; in happy painting, happy boat in background in water, in sad one there is a shipwreck - Vermeer, Girl with a Letter, 1657 o much more subtle and ambiguous 11/6/13 Frans Hals - older bro of Dirk Hals (letter writing) - Yonker Ramp and his Sweetheart, 1623 o same type of scene that was brought indoors o are in a tavern, figures are big, closer to the frame, colors are more earthy, less warm - his forte was genre paintings - figures more important over setting, a “portrait- like” characterization - Malle Babbe, 1633- 35 o example of his character portraits, regular people, not a real portrait, but has individuality from portraits - Laughing Cavalier, 1624 o conveys life and vitality, sometimes hard to say if it’s portrait of genre scenes o one of his most famous paintings o figure in painting is 26 years old at the time o he’s not a cavalier militia guy, and also not smiling o versus Andries Stilte as a Standard Bearer (Verspronck), 1640 standard bearer is looking down at us, more formal, can’t see brushstrokes so seems more posed brushstrokes very different, can see detail in Hals’s, adds vitality o vital, spontaneous main features - spent his whole career in Haarlem (close to Amsterdam...
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