Dutch Baroque

Molenaer brouwer van ostade was the husband of leyster

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Unformatted text preview: ) - had bankruptcy and debt problems o but wasn’t uncommon in Dutch Republic, so much competition • - was hated later in his career and after he died • - Man in a Slouch Hat, 1660- 6 o his style changes later on o arm on chair adds to informality and vitality of the work o man looks like a slob • - Man in a Kimono, 1660- 6 o they loved kimonos to show status • • Group Portraits • - the group portrait is characteristically Dutch o very hard to do technically - in the north, they loved the group portrait, introduced in 15th century o Burning the Bones of St. John the Baptist, 1490- 95 confraternity steal his bones before they want to burn it • - Jan van Scorel, 12 Members of the Jerusalem Brotherhood of Utrecht, 1525 o no individuality, just looks like a group of people o each person in painting had to pay for own figure - Dirck Jacobs, A Group of 17 Members of the Amsterdam Civic Guard, 1529 o huge type of group portraits – civic guards o local groups, job was to protect the city o after truce in 1609, civic guards still existed, but became more social groups for men but less civic guard group portraits • - Cornelis Anthonisz, Banquet of the Amsterdam Civic Guard (Brass Penny Banquet), 1533 o table in middle, gives each of them some focus, but still boring • - Cornelis Cornesisz, Van Haarlem, Banquet of the St. George Civic Guard, 1583 o Cornesisz painted in Mannerist • - Frans Hals, Officers of the St. George Civic Guard, 1627 o changes group by showing them in different poses, variation o figures look unified, but still very vibrant o least important people are standing, colonel at head of tab...
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