Dutch Baroque

First decade of 17th century 1609 truce comes about

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Unformatted text preview: Baburen, The Procuress, 1624 o has Caravaggio- esque elements, but not as heavily o procuress is a prostitute – related to Prodigal Son because that’s how he loses his money was a popular scene, he updates it o fingers of woman are similar to Fortune Teller by Caravaggio o prostitution big theme in Dutch Republic • - Hendrick ter Brugghen, Calling of St. Matthew 1621 o worked in Italy, only member of Utrecht Caravaggisti that might have known Caravaggio personally o inspired by Caravaggio’s work - colors more muted, figures less idealized • - Gerrit van Honthorst, Denial of St. Peter, 1620- 5 o becomes most famous of the Caravaggisti o comes from work of Caravaggio o popularizes using candle as a light source similar to Judith and Holofernes • - Gerrit van Honthorst, The Dentist, 1622 o dentists became popular subject, almost had reputation of fortune tellers, ripping people off back then, no professionals, regular people walking around pulling teeth and stuff • - van Honthorst, The Supper Party, 1619; The Procuress, 1625 o internal light source again • - van Honthorst, Merry Fiddler, 1623 o half- length musicians, but lots of illusion too • • Haarlem • - in first decade of 17th century, artists in Haarlem created realistic approach to genre scenes, landscapes, real local landscapes o huge transformation, later becomes characteristic of Dutch art • - Karel van Mander, Cornelius van Haarlem, Hendrik Goltzius • • 11/1/13 Dutch Art - for first time in art history, naturalistic paintings, genre scenes of Dutch people doing Dutch things, landscapes o really sudden, first decade of 17th century 1609, Truce comes about. Peace in country • - become huge trader country, people coming from South, becomes popular, populations growing, economic boom o rural areas didn’t grow that much in terms of population • - tremendous detail in landscape and background - Joachim Patinir, early 16...
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