Dutch Baroque

Dutch Baroque

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Unformatted text preview: le, standard bearer go first in battle (need to be unmarried) o standard bearer is young- ish and vitalized • - Rembrandt, Captain Frans… o best known civic guard painting o big, standing, full- length figures, sense of movement o influenced heavily by Caravaggio o focused on several figures, lots of other figures filling in the gaps but captain and other main figures paid more o also shows himself as a guy peeking over a guy’s shoulder • - Frans Hals, Regents of St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Haarlem, 1641 o another type of group paintings – Regents paintings o kind of like board of important things, like hospital, spin houses, prisons, old men’s home - Frans Hals, Regents of the Old Men’s Home, 1664 o lighting, color different – person on right looks sick o look kind of cold, but this is his later style (like slouched hat man) o almost seems like he hates them and wants to make them look bad • - Rembrandt, Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp, 1632 o final popular type of group paintings – anatomy lesson o shows doctor in charge, teaching students, dissecting criminal • • • 11/8/13 • Judith Leyster • - influenced by Frans Hals, look very similar • - genre painter from Haarlem, important female artist, was a master painter, had own workshop and pupils • - only female painter whose work had impact on art market o open market: caters to anonymous public, uncommissioned works • - family left Haarlem cause of bankruptcy • - Merry Company, 1630 o originally attributed to Hals, but actually Leyster o vitality, focused on figures, brushstrokes distinct • - Self Portrait, 1630 o arm on the back of the chair, casualness, a Frans Hals feature o at work but wearing nice clothes, showing herself as a confident artist with ability, awareness, and some success o painting picture of a Merry Fiddler, possibly showing off her forte, genre paintings • - Merry Trio o merry comp...
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